Self -catering accommodation by the sea


Kohinoor offers great self-catering family accommodation. There are beds for eight: six adults, two children (under 40kg / 6.5st / 90lb, a typical 12yr old) in bunk beds, plus cots for two babies under 2 years.  Although of course you are most welcome to entertain friends at Kohinoor during the day, no more than eight should sleep at Kohinoor overnight, whether inside the property on the floor, or outside in tents, camper vehicles etc.

We make Kohinoor available to families with allergy problems.  As a consequence we do not allow pets or smoking.  Please ensure your family and guests do not bring pets or smoke indoors.

Kohinoor is our family holiday home, it is not a hotel.  As such it does have the staff on hand to deal with servicing and extensive cleaning. There is therefore an obligation on you as the holidaymaker to leave the property in a state fit for subsequent guests.  When we invoice you for the final payment on your holiday, we will also charge you for a “Cleaning Bond” of £100, which will be refunded in full, provided that the house is left clean and tidy.  A couple of hours with the children out of the way on Trevone beach with grandad is usually enough time to get things packed and the house sorted. Don’t worry, the house is always inspected and basic cleaning and sanitising undertaken before your arrival, but clearly the enjoyment of the next guest's holiday, and the return of your £100 bond, is dependent on your full co-operation in this matter.

We endeavour to maintain the facilities, furnishings and domestic appliances to a high standard, but we cannot guarantee every facility or appliance will always be available. Should an appliance fail or any damage occur during your stay please report it and we will arrange for a repair or replacement as soon as we can.

Guests are asked to leave by 10:30 am on the day of departure, and not to expect to move in before 3pm.  We suggest you park in the Trevone Beach car park if you arrive early and stretch your legs with the cliff-top walks.

That’s it !   Have a great holiday !!

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